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What can I list on World Luxury Home?

What can be defined as Luxury Real Estate? What can I list on World Luxury Home (WLH)?

At World Luxury Home, we offer multiple types of real estate such as houses, villas, land, castles, islands, flats, penthouses, historical buildings, farms, skyscrapers, condos, and commercial spaces, of high standard and prestige.

Through this site, anyone can find their dream home. The luxury real estate market is large and complex, for this reason, we want to ease the connection between luxury real estate professionals and premium buyers.

The variety of luxury properties on World Luxury Home is wide and the market price, if the property is for sale, is generally over $1 million.

This value is extremely variable and depends on factors such as the country chosen, due to the economic situation of the various states and nations, and the area in which it is located. The same situation occurs with properties that are to be rented out. When you post a listing on World Luxury Home, remember that the target audience is high-end customers.

It's easy: Luxury listings are for premium buyers.

So, please, publish only listings for properties that are dedicated to the luxury market. Typically, high-end homes and properties. Note that we accept also commercial properties, both for sale and for rent, as long as they fit the luxury real estate market.

So, recapping, you can post:

  • Homes and residential properties, as long as they belong to the high-end, luxury real estate sector. Homes with unique features, high-end furniture, a price that is not for everyone, luxury villas and mansions that come with historical pieces of art, libraries, collections...
  • Commercial properties, as long as they are dedicated to a premium audience (flagship retail stores, high-end shops...)
  • Land lots, as long as they are located in premium areas that can be generally considered "luxury places".

Who can publish on World Luxury Home? Is it just for Real Estate Agents? Can I list my luxury property?

The interesting aspect of World Luxury Home is that anyone can publish, both private companies and agencies and estate agents.

Private sellers can post their listings for free, while agents and agencies can subscribe to our premium memberships.

You can click here to publish your listing.

Why should I list a property on World Luxury Home?

Publishing on World Luxury Home is a great opportunity.

We receive thousands of visits per month from a selected audience that is interested in buying in this area. We take care of everything and personally manage the advertising and sponsoring of your luxury real estate listings.

Since 2016 we have been helping real estate agents to sell sooner and better: we are aware of the difficulty of finding high-quality buyers all over the world, so through World Luxury Home we facilitate communication between sellers and buyers.

We offer a unique, high level of service, we want our partners and the luxury real estate professionals to leverage World Luxury Home to reduce their time of sale and improve their efficiency.

World Luxury Home is here to help you.

What I should NOT publish on World Luxury Home?

As mentioned, we are specialized in premium, luxury, high-end homes and properties, for sale and for rent.

Likewise, commercial properties as welcome as long as they are dedicated to a high-level target.

Instead, on World Luxury Home, right now we do not accept:

  • Holiday homes. We will open this opportunity in 2023. You can actually list your holiday/vacation home but World Luxury Home's visitors will not have the ability to reserve through the site/app and to check the availability. They can still contact you for a private agreement.
  • Non-luxury properties and properties that do not meet the requirements explained above, and do not clearly identify themselves as "valuable". For example, a median-valued home is not expected to be listed on World Luxury Home. A house that would not be generally considered a highly prestigious property should not be listed.

What happens when I list a property? What if I list a property that does not belong to the luxury real estate market?

Each listing is checked by World Luxury Home's team.

The property cannot be considered "Luxury"

If it does not meet the requirements, that is to say, the property is not luxury, it will be removed.

If the property has been manually listed by you, you will receive a notification about the same.

If instead the property is part of a XML that you have submitted to us or through a partner (such as XML2U ) you will not receive a notification and the listing will remain in Draft. You will receive a notification about all the published items and you can check if there is anything missing or you can contact us for further explanations.

The listing is in fact a luxury property but is missing information

If the listing is incomplete (which means that it lacks photos, details, a decent description or it is unclear) World Luxury Home will inform the agent about the reason for non-publication: the agent can then edit it and submit it again for approval.

How long does the listing remain active?

Once a listing has been published, it remains published until:

  • the agent deletes it;
  • or the agent marks it as 'sold' or 'rented'.

Additionally, if an agent/agency does not renew his or her membership, World Luxury Home reserves the right to delete or unpublish all the listings after 10 days.

Remember, at World Luxury Home we do not apply any commission on sales or rents. We do not even have a listing fee that depends on the number of luxury listings that you publish. Instead, we believe in the idea of a membership that lets you upload, list and manage unlimited properties.

You will just have to take care of your clients and of closing your deals.

In addition, you can decide to sponsor one or more properties to get more visibility, both online and offline: We will be glad to help you with that and to take care of the management of marketing, advertising and communication for you. In this case, the price depends on the specific requirements and advertising options. We can define different marketing plans for your agency and your properties.



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